Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): What are the latest requirements & How to apply?

So you may have seen and heard of Malaysia’s year-round warm climate, friendly people and mind-blowing local food and you want in on the action. This article details the 2019 requirements, terms and conditions for MM2H, a housing programme catered to foreign retirees and working expatriates who are looking for a second home.

What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme?

MM2H is a program initiated by the Government of Malaysia and introduced by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) to welcome people from all over the world to reside in this beautiful country. Upon becoming an MM2H holder, you will obtain an MM2H visit pass which has a validity of up to 10 years, and it is renewable upon fulfillment of the renewal requirementwhen it expires.

The duration of visa depends on your passport validity, so, it is best to renew your passport to get the maximum years of visa. Nevertheless, you can easily extend your visa provided you have all the required documents and financial capacity. But mind you, this is not a Permanent Residence (PR) Permit nor does it lead towards you getting a PR eventually. You will simply possess a Social Visit Pass with multiple entries and exit under the MM2H program.

What is the approval rate like?

The approval for MM2H applications comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). Since its inception in 2002 up to August 2017, the MM2H programme has granted close to 36,000 MM2H visas. Though it might seem like a small sum, it is worth observing that the approval rate has generally been on an uptrend over the years.

A bulk of the approved applicants come from Asian countries (28,652), followed by Europe (4,291), the Americas (1,334), The Pacific Islands (1,019), Africa (432) and Others (93). In 2017, the top 5 countries which garnered the highest MM2H approvals were China (342), Korea (61), Bangladesh (44), UK & Northern Ireland (43) and Japan (37).

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